Video Reel


It’s been a while since I’ve done any updates, and I need to write some updates on specifics of stuff I’ve been doing. I put together a reel of some of my older projects along with some of my more recent projects that I have not had a chance to update about for a show my college was doing so …

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Game Engine Development

I’ve been spending some of my free time researching and implementing rendering techniques (mostly researching as of this moment). I am currently focusing on developing a game engine and game that utilize the Oculus Rift and the Sixense STEM System. I have posted some videos of what I’m doing in my YouTube channel:  

Compute Texturing

Planet Diffuse Map

Originally I was computing the height of terrain per frame which was pretty wasteful since if I wanted more complex noise functions I would not be able to maintain a runnable frame rate. I moved the computation of terrain height to a compute shader which stores the height in a texture. I was also able to compute and store normals in …

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Procedural Fractal Terrain

Procedural Terrain

After doing atmospheric scattering I though that it would be an interesting challenge to make a full scale planet renderer. This is what I started with when looking to generate the terrain. The terrain height and color is determined through a height map that I generate in the vertex and fragment shaders. I generated the height map using the 2D …

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Networked Map Viewer

Map Viewer

This application was made using XNA embedded in a Winforms project. The original tutorial for embedding XNA in Windows Forms can be found here. I needed to make some modifications to the ContentBuilder.cs included with the demo project to allow it to compile shaders and load fonts. I retrieved the map textures from the Google maps API. The height values …

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